What to get her for Valentine’s Day, times running out!

Dude, this post is for you. Don’t skip it. It’s from your Valentine’s Day Helpers at the Broadway Centre Spa and Salon!

Did you know the average guy spends $156 on his girl for Valentine’s day? And while most guys prefer not to receive anything, only 20% of women feel the same way. This translates into, you better get her something. Want a little help, of course you do?

Here are some options;

Flowers, this is what most girls get on Valentine’s Day. If she is home all the time to enjoy them before they wilt, great, if not…well it’s the thought that counts. If she works, just so you know, she wants them delivered to the office. It’s a big deal.

Candy, in particular chocolates..skip the big box store heart shaped box. That’s too easy. Head somewhere where you can buy something a little more special, and the chocolate will taste better.

Dinner and a Movie. As long as it’s not fast food and an action flick it might be just the ticket. Downtown Bismarck has lots of great restaurants, but you better have made reservations. As for movies, it’s your choice, just think about her likes and pick the best option. Don’t like crowds? Spend a few extra dollars for the D-BOX seats at the Grand, you get tons more space, and the seats react with the movie. We just don’t know how well the work with a girly flick. Hey…Fifty Shades of Gray is playing. Who knows, you two might just bump into someone you know and you can all sit together.

Ok, enough picking on the other options. How’s about we make it easy. Come on down to the Broadway Centre Spa and Salon, we are located just Northeast of One Source Lighting, in the huge building with a huge parking log. You can run in and get your special girl an experience she won’t forget and will tell the other girls at the office about. Here are two ideas that she will love, but you might want to put it on your must get it done list.

Option 1 Beautifying Body Wrap and Blowout $150.00 So beautifying, so nourishing. Experience a warming, detoxifying, seaweed body wrap treatment featuring the uplifting aroma of Aveda’s Beautifying body care products. Treatment includes a dry exfoliation, seaweed body masque, scalp and face massage, and foot massage. Also a relaxing shampoo and blowout style.

Option 2 Cranberry Chocolate or Raspberry Facial and Strawberry White Chocolate Truffle Pedicure $170.00 Facial includes a fabulous scalp and hand massage.

Making Valentine’s Day easy for gentlemen…The Broadway Centre Spa and Salon


Downtown Bismarck