Need Wedding Ideas? Watch This!


You can pour through tons of magazines looking for ideas for your perfect wedding, cutting out what you like, bookmarking the rest. Or, step into the technology age and use the Internet to quickly watch videos and in some cases, styles that print magazines can’t keep up with. It’s a great way to see next years trends that will be all the rage. You can also see different hair cuts and colors, updos and more and how they show off you in the dress. Just be sure to make notes of what you like and where you saw it for reference later. Post to Facebook and tag your stylist for real-time questions, answers, and ideas from your wedding team.

Need ideas to search the Internet for? Try the top searches on Google: Reception Decor, Wedding Dress, Updos. When you find images to share with friends and family, don’t be discouraged with any negative comments about a particular style, they are there to help you think about the things you don’t think about. Also, don’t be too worried that someone is going to copy your ideas, after all, the day is about you, and there is only one of you. Unless you’re an identical twin, which could make things interesting.

Watch the Pronovias Fashion Show 2017 Official Video for this next season’s trends for hair, makeup, and dresses.