Step into the future of SUNLESS TANNING, with VERSASPA PRO, the heated Sunless Spa! Get a gorgeous tan while rejuvenating your skin. The VersaSpa Pro Spray Tan System gives you the best tan with multiple nozzles for full-body coverage. The open-air booth design provides a warm, comfortable atmosphere with the privacy you want. VersaSpa has over 15 years of experience providing over 50 million beautiful sunless tans. With multiple options, you can get the customized tan you really want. Full body, face only, or legs only treatment combinations. You also get a heated drying pass after each spray pass. No toweling off and you exit completely dry and ready to re-dress! Perfect for vacations, weddings, events, competitions, and looking your best without the harmful effects of a tanning booth or the sun.


Get a beautiful tan for only $40.

Are you a frequent tanner? We can provide discounts when you purchase a series of tans. Ask the receptionist for details.