Don’t Argue with Science, Book Your Massage Today!

September has been a busy month in Bismarck for strenuous activities. Triathlon, Marathons, Kick Ball tournaments and the list goes on with more on the way. While exercise is great for your body, having the right recovery regimen is also important.

Science agrees is a post workout massage has many benefits. In a recent study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, researchers found that massage after a brutal workout improved body awareness and strengthening of the muscles over those in the control that did not receive post workout massage.

That’s probably why you see professional athletes getting a rub down or massage after the game. Too bad we don’t all have a dedicated masseuse in our homes, but we have a couple of great ones over here at the Broadway Centre Spa and Salon.

Massage should be a part of any serious athlete’s arsenal, but if you’re not an athlete, a massage is always nice to have. Call the Broadway Centre today to book your massage appointment just to relax or to become a stronger athlete. 425-0990

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