happy to receive a gift card

happy to receive a gift card

The Perfect Gift For Everyone!

Gift giving isn’t getting any easier. It seems the only thing people of all ages are interested in is their smartphones. This makes it difficult to buy gifts for those that are important to you.

Did you know, the day after Christmas is the largest day where people return gifts to the store? Sweaters, tools, a ceramic cat, trying to figure out something for everyone while controlling how much you spend is almost impossible. You don’t want to give gifts that take up too much space, and you don’t want to give food or alcohol, that could send the wrong message.

Then there is the Gift Card. Some believe giving a gift card is impersonal or you should give cash instead and let the receiver decide how and where to spend the money. But we say “a Gift Card is the perfect gift” when its’ form a Spa.

The inventor of the gift card was a genius! It is the perfect gift for the person that has everything. No one has ever rejected a Gift Card and a Gift Card doesn’t take up hardly any room, it fits in a purse or wallet. The receiver can literally carry a gift card with them everywhere. It’s easy to wrap, and as the saying goes, big things come in small packages.

You have many Gift Card choices, but a Spa Gift Card is different from most. With a gift card to a restaurant, you are forcing them to eat somewhere they may not like, or with a department store gift card they may not like what that store carries, but with a Spa gift card, you are giving an experience! An experience they may not indulge in for themselves otherwise.

Let’s face it, everyone likes a Spa Day or even a Spa Hour. Manicures, pedicures, massages, facials and wraps, a good full-service spa provides them all and will let gift cards be used on anything. All too often, people don’t spend the time on themselves, a Spa Gift Card solves that problem and is the gift of time to destress and treat themselves.

A Gift Card can say many things: “You are a valued employee!” “You’ve been through a lot, time for some self-care!” “I’ve got a surprise for you Prince Charming!” With the Spa packages, available, including skin care and barber services for men, you will top the list of Best Gift Giver 2016!

Gift Cards are practical! They are compact, easy to carry and weigh practically nothing. You won’t have any problem getting them in your car. They can be purchased online and printed at home or the office for “emergency” gift giving or picked at the receptionist desk.

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A Spa Gift Card can be given to practically anyone! Your spouse, your parent, a sibling, an employee or a valued client. Spa Gift Cards can be purchased in different amounts to make budgeting for the holidays easy. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for anyone this season, give the gift of relaxation and good health this year, give a Gift Card from the Broadway Centre Spa and Salon