Meet Our Amazing Team

We are proud of our team! Each one goes the extra mile to provide you with the best experience possible. From the moment you walk in to the spa and salon to when you leave, our advanced education and love of what we do makes your visit the most pleasurable visit you can have.



Lil is a hairstylist with years of experience in hair coloring, cutting and styling. Many of Lil’s customers state that she is the best in the business when it comes to haircoloring. She has attended training throughout the United States on haircuts, style, color and beauty techniques and has trained countless stylists in the area. Lil has managed several salons over the years and is known for her leadership in bringing in the latest beauty applications. Lil is also one of the few hair replacement specialists located in the Upper Midwest. She works with customers experiencing hair loss and specializes in providing solutions for Alopecia and cancer care clients. Lil grew up on a rural southcentral North Dakota farm and moved to Bismarck when her family relocated here during her high school years. In her spare time, Lil loves spending time with her family and cooking.


Cosmetologist/Nail Technician

AMY (Amanda) has lived in 9 different countries including Canada, USA, Mexico, South Africa, Israel, England, Greece, and Spain. She has traveled all over the world from an early age, always having curiosity, passion, and a love for different cultures, languages, and diverse places. Born in Mexico City, she is a naturalized American citizen and speaks Spanish, English, Portugues, Italian and French. Traveling has given her experience and diversity in art and cosmetology giving her the ability to mix cultures and you the best of both worlds in both service and design. She takes prided in her exquisite and distinguished style while preserving the essence of her craft.

Amy is a lover of photography, animals, nature and fine arts !!!!! Mixing eclectic art in her own style and making it her personal hallmark par excellence! She aims to satisfy you with outstanding service and brings creativity, culture, and excellent techniques for all clients, no matter their background.

Amy studied cosmetology at EDO DE Texas and is an optimistic, persevering, and passionate woman. Let her magic hands help you find joy, color, and beauty through the services she provides. Amy focuses on makeup, nails (acrylic, manicures, pedicures), nail art, eyelash extensions, facials, cuts, and waxes. Book your next appointment with Amy and take a trip around the world without leaving Bismarck! Amy awaits you with open arms to become your muse and your next inspiration as a work of art!

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Charlene brings 16 years of experience in hairstyling, cutting, coloring, and perming, along with experience in pedicures and waxing. Originally from Sturgis, South Dakota, Charlene graduated from Headlines Hair Academy in Rapid City, S.D. in 2005. She moved to North Dakota in 2019 and says what she loves about her work is making people feel good about themselves through a hairstyle or helping them to relax in the spa. After work, Charlene loves spending time with her children, and any activity that takes her outdoors including camping, fishing, and hunting. Book your next appointment with Charlene today.



KaSara is a licensed skin care professional who is back to work after being a stay-at-home Mom for a few years. She can provide skin care treatments, including procedures such as facials, waxing, and peels, plus body treatments. Originally from Bismarck, KaSara graduated from the College of International Esthetics in Arvada, Colorado.  She enjoys helping her clients relax and most importantly, feel good about themselves. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and daughters, participating in all of their activities, taking their dogs for walks and snuggling with their cat. Call today to meet with KaSara and see how beautiful your skin can be.



Katie is a cosmetologist who utilizes her skills in hairstyling, cutting, and coloring, along with manicures and pedicures. Originally from Scio, Ohio, Katie graduated from The Hair Academy in Bismarck. She says what she loves about her work is the smiles and beauty she brings into the world for her customers. After work, Katie enjoys spending time outdoors, plus cooking and watching scary movies. Call today to book your next appointment with Katie.




Ruth is a cosmetologist and hairstylist who loves working with customers on their hair. Her skills include haircutting, coloring, and styling, along with facials, waxing and blonding services.  Originally from Washburn, Ruth graduated from The Hair Academy in Bismarck and has previously worked in salon reception and cosmetology. Her favorite part of the job is seeing a smile on her clients’ faces and helping to make someone feel good about themselves. After work hours, Ruth enjoys spending time with family and friends, plus painting and drawing. Set up your next appointment with Ruth – Call today!



Tarryn is a cosmetologist and hairstylist who specializes in using dimensional color, as well as blonding services. She also utilizes her skills in hairstyling, cutting, and coloring, along with facials, waxing and pedicures. Originally from Bismarck, Tarryn graduated from The Hair Academy in Bismarck and has previously worked in salon reception and cosmetology. She says what she loves about her work is helping people to feel beautiful.  Outside of work, Tarryn enjoys spending time with loved ones and painting. Call today to book your next appointment with Tarryn!



Alison is a cosmetologist who specializes in nails and lashes. She utilizes her skills to work on eyelashes, acrylic nails, manicures, and pedicures, along with completing facials. Originally from Fessenden, Alison graduated from The Hair Academy in Bismarck and has previous experience in cosmetology and reception work at spas and salons. She says her favorite part of working in a salon is being able to bring the clients’ expectations to life and making them smile after a successful service. When she’s not working Alison likes to rollerblade and spend time with loved ones. Get your nails or lashes done by calling and booking an appointment with Alison today!