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Your Sexiest Skin Ever

Introducing the Bio Matrix Facial with LED Therapy

The ultimate cosmetic enhancement to rejuvenate and make your skin healthier and more youthful-looking. Performed by our expert Estheticians, this facial utilizes every technology and the highest quality products to bring you results. We can’t turn back the clock, but we can make you look like we did. Find out more about our Bio Matrix Facial with LED Therapy and watch our video of the process for yourself. Click here.

Normally $225.

Save $50 and only pay $175

When purchase by 6/30/18

Bio Stem Facial

Have you noticed that celebrities hardly age? Movie stars that you watched 20 years ago even seem to get younger with time. What is their secret that they whisper to each other behind the scenes? Plant stem cells! A great Retinal alternative, we take professional grade totipotent stem cells (young plant stem cells) and crack them open to get to the valuable natural compounds that are locked inside. This natural serum is powerfully beneficial to your skin, revitalizing and restores bright crystal-clear skin tone. Regular treatments also appear to be a key to anti-aging skin care. Look and feel like the celebrity you are.


Purchase by 4/30/18


Chocolate Masque

Enriched with 100% cocoa extract to release endorphins known as “molecules of pleasure.” This masque when applied to the skin, relaxes, purifies, and soothes the skin. The rich blend of chocolate extracts decreases inflammatory reactions such as itching and redness. It is an excellent choice for skin with mild to severe Rosacea. This masque is extremely detoxifying and is perfect if you have dull, tired and acne skin. Antioxidant/Anti-Pollution.

Includes Antioxidant Chocolate Serum


Purchase by 4/30/18


Strawberry Masque

Perfect for mature, dry and sun damaged skin (sun spots) This aromatic wild strawberry masque has an uplifting natural scent; contains mild AHA’s to promote exfoliation of the dead cells. Due to the 100% natural ingredients, it hydrates and softens while brightening tired, dull complexions.


Purchase by 4/30/18


Cranberry Masque

If you have pigmented or Acne Skin, you’re going to love this masque! Recharge your skin’s youthful glow with a naturally invigoration 100% all organic masque. Application of the aromatic masque brightens and energizes the look of a dull, fatigued skin while restoring a healthy, rosy appearance. Cranberry contains a high level of antioxidants; therefore it is an excellent treatment for mature skin, pigmented skin, and those with acne.


Purchase by 4/30/18


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Eyebrow Wax

Brows are more important than ever with everyone taking selfies and posting to facebook, instagram, and snapchat! Get a free shaping lesson with every eyebrow wax.

 Free Shaping Lesson

Expires: Never