Finding the perfect gift for family and friends gets tougher by the year. Everyone seems to have everything they need. No wonder everyone’s on edge this time of year. Many gifts just take up space in the home and are hardly used. So what do you get them?

Now it would be nice if we started months ago, but we just don’t do that. It’s like we think this year will be a piece of cake, or maybe we’re still recovering from last year.

 If one of your stress points is that you’re out of ideas for gifts, and giving cash is just too impersonal, have you thought about gift cards? Not the gift cards to department stores, you don’t want to insinuate that they need to remodel or limit their spending to just one place, but how about gift cards that will take their stress away a little bit throughout the year.

We are talking about gift cards to local dinning (not McDonalds) and Spas (shameless plug). Everyone wants to try out that new restaurant, or have a night free of cooking. If they’re parents, it might get them on that long overdue date night.

Think about your life and how good an hour massage or body treatment would help you feel. So why not give the gift that makes having a Spa Day a reality. Maybe it’s for a treatment that they wouldn’t normally splurge on for themselves, manicures, pedicures, or for parents, a couple’s massage.

A gift card from the Broadway Centre Spa and Salon can be used on anything we offer. Hair extensions, a cut and color, or one of our famous Straight Razor Shaves for him, a Spa gift card is one gift anybody can use. Dare we say the gift of relaxation and looking good is a real gift from the heart.

Happy Holidays from your friends at
The Broadway Centre Spa & Salon
Downtown Bismarck