The holidays are over, and winter is in full swing. Even though December was mild and we had a reprieve from the -40 degree weather in January. You might not be Bikini ready. Here in Bismarck, you probably haven’t even been outside without full body protection since August.

Now you have a trip down south to lay on warm sandy beaches and drink cocktails with little hats coming up around the corner. But the holidays have left you feeling like you put on a few pounds and you know that in a dark room you will light it up like a neon sign. That’s right, your lack of sunshine is showing!

You could hit the gym, how does the saying go? 20 minutes a day, three times a week? You could also start hitting the tanning booth, but how much time is that going to take? Spray tans are a good alternative, but do you really want to stand there while someone treats your body like a 68 Chevy restoration? How humiliating.

We have a better idea, no weird magic pills in a bottle, just proven techniques.You don’t have much time, so let’s triage this so you don’t miss your flight and get some color back on those legs.

Tanning beds are not a good option. If they were, we would have one here for you. Between UV rays and relying on the previous person to keep them clean, it’s not an option in our mind. Even the superstars are moving to spray tans, but often the local experience is embarrassing and inconsistent at best. If you find a place in Bismarck that offers a spray tan, it’s going to involve someone in the room with you, using a tool that look like it belongs in an automotive shop, not on a human..that is until now.

We just installed a VersaSpa Pro sunless tanning system that will give your skin a natural, vibrant, long-lasting glow in minutes while leaving you relaxed and rejuvenated. This system is completely computerized, no one in the room with you and no harmful UV rays. Come on in and check it out. It’s amazing and brand new. Just ask for the Broadway Tan.

No one watches out for you more than the Broadway Centre Spa & Salon


Downtown Bismarck