Professional Halloween Tips from Your Favorite Spa & Salon

We’ve all seen Halloween ideas that went viral for all the wrong reasons.  Crazy Halloween parties, cheap Halloween hair and costumes result in screams of terror!  Let’s talk about doing the adult Halloween experience right!  Let’s keep it simple, original and fun! But most importantly, let’s make sure Halloween only lasts for one day on your body!

Hairy Scary

 There are many options for Halloween Hair, but we want easy. Work with what you’ve got! If you have long, straight hair, channel Morticia! A simple part down the middle can make all the difference. Stay away from the temporary (and cheap) hair dyes, that’s a quick way to ruin your expensive professional coloring, opt for a fun wig instead. Have curly hair?  Set it free! Try an Updo hairstyle with dark makeup, tonight the sky is the limit!  Go mad with accessories.  Nothing like a couple of well-placed snakes, spiders, or eyeballs to make them say “You Ghoul Girl!” Please remember to remove them before your next cut and style, you don’t want to show you how girly we can get!

Guys, Dracula needs a serious update!  Try a faux hawk or spikes…Drac’s traditional look is so eighties! Use a product like REUZEL BLUE Strong Hold High Sheen Pomade or REUZEL PINK Heavy Hold Grease, both you can get at the Broadway and will easily get the look you want.

Go Cray Cray

It’s time to be inspired!   Does Don Draper haunt you?  How about “Mad Men” meets “The Walking Dead?”  Run to your local thrift store and find a suit that screams sixties; use makeup to release your inner zombie!  Ladies, which Disney princess do you channel? What would Cinderella look like after a bad day at the castle?  A chipped slipper?  A blood-stained gown?  You know her story…the possibilities are endless!  Planning on a facial or skin treatment soon? You may want to schedule for the day after the party. The cheap costume makeup can be murderous on your skin.

Can You Stomach It?

Everyone loves Deviled Eggs, especially when black olives give the illusion a spider is sitting on top.  Cut an olive in half, placing the cut side down and slicing the other half to make legs.  Yellow peppers can be carved to resemble baby jack ‘o lanterns, perfect for stuffing.  Want to go there with your Halloween spread? Carve and empty a miniature pumpkin, fill it with artichoke spinach dip, tipping it forward so the dip begins to ooze out of the mouth. Easy tricks for your treats!


Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!