The 1st Salon in North Dakota chosen to carry PHYTODESS!

PHYTODESS isn’t found everywhere. In fact, the Broadway Centre Spa & Salon was chosen as one of 10 salons in the entire United States to ambassador their products! And we are glad they did. Hands down, PHYTODESS is one of the best products we have ever used, and our customers agree.

Each PHYTODESS product is tailored to specific hair and scalp needs. It takes continuous training to recommend the right PHYTODESS product for you. We’ve trained extensively and PHYTODESS as even sent their people to us, right here in Bismarck. Knowledge is everything when recommending the right treatments.

PHYTODESS products are true beauty treatments for the scalp and hair. They contain the most controlled and socially responsible sourcing of ingredients that we have ever seen. PHYTODESS products contain, on average, 80% ingredients of natural origin: clays, essential oils, trace elements, marine and botanical extracts, precious metals and stones.

The right combination of PHYTODESS products is a recipe for a healthy scalp and even healthier hair.

If you have:

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We have the right treatment for you, but first, we have to diagnose what product will work best for you. Please ask for a consultation.