Permanent Makeup

Permanent Lips, Hair Stroke Eyebrows, and Powder Eyebrows

permanent makeup not only helps you look great, it also saves you loads of time, making your life easier to keep looking fabulous. Imagine waking up every morning and having your makeup already applied. Permanent makeup doesn’t smudge or come off while you’re sleeping, bathing, during your workout, or swimming in the ocean. You’ll always look your best with permanent makeup. We do permanent lip and brow makeup.

Permanent Lips
Permanent lip makeup can give you the lips of your dreams. Lips that look beautiful and natural. This process can also add shape to your mouth, eliminate lipstick bleeding into fine lines around your mouth, and provide a fuller look to your lips. If you feel that your lips are pale and find yourself always reaching for the lipstick to touch-up, permanent lips might be the perfect choice for you.

Initial Service $550 / 6-week followup $100

Hair Stroke Eyebrows
(If you’ve heard of microblading, check this out!)
The newest trend in permanent makeup! Wake up each morning with the perfect brows. Just like microblading, hair stroke brows use fine, individual hair strokes to make up a natural, full eyebrow.
What makes it different from microblading? For Hair Stroke Brows, we use a machine and microneedles to implant pigment, whereas microblading uses a handheld manual blade and slicing technique to implant pigment. Hair Stroke Eyebrows can correct or reconstruct lost eyebrow hair and is an excellent choice for those wanting to enhance their brows!

Initial Service $400 / 6-week followup $75

Powder Eyebrows
For a soft pencil or powder shadow effect through the brows, the Powder Brow technique closely mimics the appearance of your regular brow makeup. This technique is popular with clients that fill in their brows on a day-to-day basis or have very light-colored eyebrow hair. The result is beautiful softly defined brows!

Initial Service $400 / Touch ups $75

Our permanent makeup services require a complimentary 15-minute consultation. During this time, you complete our paperwork that is required prior to receiving permanent makeup services. It is also a great chance for you to ask questions or raise concerns about the service. During the consult, you’ll be asked about any current or prior treatments that might affect the outcome of the service. For brow services, we also map out the perfect eyebrow shape during this consult and provide a complimentary waxing of the brows.

What to expect

  • Tropical anesthetic is applied
  • Pigment is implanted
  • Feeling of vibration, more than discomfort
  • You will be provided with an aftercare sheet
  • Please let us know if you have any questions