A New Year Means a New You

 It’s the typical after New Year’s Eve cliché. You set goals for yourself to improve different aspects of your life. We call them New Year’s Resolutions and everyone’s goals rang from losing weight, improve your career, to finding extra time to spend with family and friends.

 Every year, New Year’s resolutions tend to end sooner than they should, did you forget about them in a week? We want to help you keep your resolutions this year, check out the top 5 ways to help make your resolutions stick.

 1. Make a list…simple as it sounds your mind doesn’t believe in them unless you write them down. By writing down your goals, you start the process of creating a new vision for yourself. Everyone that has a list, loves to cross items off that list. That’s how our brains work. On your list, behind the goal, also write a reason why or a benefit to reaching your goal. It will keep you motivated.

2. Start off small…some of the best changes that effect your life begin with one small step. By making your goals small, they’re easier to obtain. As time goes you’ll feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment and confidence. With those feelings you can build on your goals.

3. Don’t give up…as time goes you might have the urge to quit. Keep reminding yourself why you want to achieve your goal. Hopefully, this keeps you moving pushing to better yourself.

4. If you fail…give yourself a break. We’re all human and no one is perfect. If you make a mistake along the way, it’s alright to forgive yourself.

5. Enjoy the rewards…when you reach your goal, treat yourself to something special. If it’s a massage or a pedicure we know how to reward you.

From your team that cares at the Broadway Centre Spa & Salon…Happy New Year and a Happy New You!!!


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