We provide a refined and relaxing atmosphere in which every detail of your experience is handled with care and expertise. Sit back, unwind and enjoy your own Broadway experience.


Broadway Signature Manicure                    $50                                               Dip Powder Full Set                                      $70
Gel Manicure                                                  $60                                               Dip Powder Removal                                    $30
Gel Art                                                              $15                                                Dip Powder Art                                              $20
Gel Polish Removal                                        $15                                                 
Express Manicure                                          $40
Youth Manicure                                             $35                                                Acrylic Art                                                       $20
Acrylic Full Set                                               $80                                               Paraffin Wax                                                   $15
Acrylic Backfill                                               $55                                                Polish Change                                                 $15          

Acrylic Removal                                             $30                                               Polish Art                                                         $10


Spa Manicure

A sugar scrub and a soothing soak accompanied by a mini hand massage. A full detailed nail care completes the service.

Gel Manicure

 Enjoy exfoliation, nail shaping and an arm massage during your service.

Polish Change

Removal of old polish and choose a new color to suit your mood.

Back Fill

This is done on french nails that have grown out. Where the white is moved back to the original position and then the cuticle area is filled in as well.

Hands or Feet Paraffin Treatment

Paraffin wax is a mineral wax which is a soft wax with a low melting point, so it is safe to immerse your hands or feet, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth. Excellent for people with arthritis or other rheumatic diseases. The heat helps increase blood flow and relax the muscles which can reduce pain and improve joint stiffness.

Glitter or Art

A creative way to decorate nails on fingers and toes.

French Tip

A french tip manicure polishes nails in two colors, one in the bed of the nail and another form the tip.

Full Set of Nails

Nail Fill

Fill with polish

Gel Removal


Broadway Signature Pedicure                                 $65                              Nail Art                                $10
Aveda Pedicure                                                          $75                               Paraffin Wax                       $15

Ultimate Pedicure                                                     $100                            Gel Removal (add on)        $15 

Epic Pedicure                                                            $130                             Gel Polish Change             $15

Youth Pedicure                                                          $35                               Polish Change                   $10


Ultimate Pedicure

The ultimate in luxury. Pamper your feet with our luxurious spa pedicure which includes nails and cuticle grooming, callus removal, exfoliating of dry skin and sugar scrub. Followed by an additional 10-15 minutes of a foot massage that will give you the ultimate relaxation.

Broadway Signature Pedicure

Wrapped in a warm neck wrap with your favorite beverage accompanied by a snack. Relax as a therapeutic foot soak cleanses and prepares your feet. Following exfoliation, cuticles are cleansed, smoothed and nails are shaped. Enjoy a foot massage as you choose a natural buffed or polished finish.

Ultimate Foot Massage

The experience starts with a soothing aromatherapy foot bath. A warm neck wrap is provided. By applying gentle pressure to the foot and massaging areas you will feel the relief of tension. You will fall into a state of total rest and relaxation.

Pedicure Gel Removal

Aveda Pedicure