Make it Look Like You Got it Under Control

There are only so many hours in the day. Between the alarm going off in the morning to resting your head on the pillow at night, the day’s tasks in between can leave you feeling a little overwhelmed. Believe it or not you’re in control of your life and time. Sometimes we need a helping hand to show us the way. Hhere are some simple tips for you to make it look like you got it under control.

1. Throw the phone…believe it or not there was a time when people couldn’t always get a hold of you. Unfortunately, with smartphones we’re calling, texting, posting, checking in, and tweeting swiping left on Tinder and tons more. Our minds are always distracted every time our phones beep or ring. It will be tough but for an hour or two put your phone away and disconnect from it all. You’d be surprised on how much you get done.

2. Love making lists…you are more inclined to do things if you write them down on a sheet of paper. It also allows you to organize your thoughts and set priorities on what needs to get done during the day and week.

3. Ask for help…this seems so obvious, but there are times we get so focused on the task at hand we forget to reach out to other people. It’s ok to ask a co-worker, friend or family member to help out…really it is. It’s called delegation, know the work and make use of it.

4. Kick the clutter…the clutter on the desk, kitchen or bathroom can be a visual distraction that can drive your mind crazy without you even knowing it. Instead of focusing on what needs to get done, you’re thinking about the clutter. Everything has its place, so pick it up and put it there. You’ll start to feel more organized and from there you’ll feel like you’re in control.

5. Just say No…This is probably the most important tip. Your only human and it’s alright for you to say no. People don’t have to be involved in every committee, volunteer effort, or work event. Remember your time has value so spend it wisely.

From the team that cares about your time

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