Whether you have a presentation to make or want to stand out at a holiday party, there are some simple tricks that you can do in an hour or less to raise your self-esteem and feel way more powerful. Here are a few tricks to build your confidence in short order.

Sit straight. Research has shown, people with good posture have more confident thoughts. You should also, strike a power pose. Think of standing like a superhero. Feet flat, shoulders square with your hands on your hips. Hold that pose for at least 2 minutes. This pose will make you feel 40% more powerful than having your arms crossed.

Tame your mane, or if you are having hair problems, let’s take care of those. One of the first parts of your body someone will notice on you is your hair. If you need a style you can maintain more easily, or if your hair is thinning, there are modern solutions to keep you looking great. Talk to your stylist about what bothers you the most and put it behind you.

Wear the right perfume. The sense of smell is powerful and can alter your mood and grab attention, just don’t go overboard with too much or a scent that is not right for you. Studies have proven women feel more confident in business, social and romantic situations when wearing perfume. Worried about showing up in the same dress smell, we can create a custom perfume that is unique and perfect for you with our Aveda line of scents.

Nail it!! When you’re in public, you will most likely be shaking some hands. Now’s the time to show off that manicure. A firm grip and just the right amount of nail art can make all the difference. Especially if you’re the type to talk with your hands, and you should be. Watch others you think are powerful from political people to movie stars, they all keep their nails in perfect shape.

From your team at the Broadway Centre Spa & Salon
Downtown Bismarck