GOLDWELL Coloring Products at the Broadway Centre Spa & Salon

There are a gazillion hair coloring products on the market, but nothing ever gets close to GOLDWELL color. Our stylists are trained and receive continuing education from GOLDWELL since before the Broadway Centre Spa & Salon opened it’s doors. We only use GOLDWELL color because the results are always fantastic! Often, clients are shocked by how healthy and smooth their hair is after a GOLDWELL color. More impressive is how long the color lasts.

GOLDWELL hair color is one of those products that you stick to because it works fantastic. Only found in professional hair salons, their product line permanently alters the natural color of your hair. Backed by more than 50 years of development, if you can imagine it, GOLDWELL will deliver.

Balayage, Ombre, Sombre, highlights, lowlights, and all over color, turns out perfect every time. With GOLDWELL SilkLift, we can take your hair safely to platinum blond with hair that looks, feels, and is healthier than when you stepped into the salon.

Each stylist goes through extensive training to provide you the best coloring service. The amount of experience behind the chair in our salon is off the charts. Our professionalism begins with a thorough consultation. One of the most critical steps that ensure we are both on the same page for the final results. We prefer you visit with your colorist for an accurate quote of time and cost 72 hours before your appointment. No stylist can quote you without actually seeing your hair.

If you know what you want, please bring in a photo on your smartphone to aid the stylist in understanding your goals. You would be surprised by how many images online are photoshopped and not real results. Your GOLDWELL stylist will let you know what is and what isn’t possible.

Book your GOLDWELL color appointment today at the Broadway Centre Spa & Salon. We promise you that you will be happy that you did.