Give Him Something to Notice

Valentine’s Day coming up and romance is defiantly in the air. January was like a glimpse into spring, yet winter is still weighing down on us in more ways than one. Being indoors most of the time and bundling up can lead us into a state of “appearance hibernation”. Sure the warm weather lets us get by with sexier outfits, we have been seeing lots more yoga pants, but what about the person under the cloths.

Well ladies it’s time to wake up and give your man something to notice. Here are 5 quick and easy tips to get back your man’s eye…

1. Help the hair…there’s nothing more bold than doing something new and unique with your hair. If you’ve had a similar hairstyle from the cast of Orange is the New Black it might be time to freshen things up. We’d recommend a new hair color or some highlights.

2. Freshen the face…as we mentioned winter can take its toll on our skin especially our face. Nourish your face with the moisture it needs and by doing so you’ll revive your skin. Giving you a glow that will make your man’s heart stop.

3. Perk Up with Perfect Posture…its true people take notice of those with their head up high and shoulders up. Communicate your confidence with your body, it doesn’t need to be drastic, just a subtle change in how you sit or walk will catch anyone’s eye.

4. Why not a Wax…nothing feels and looks sexier than some smooth skin. For many women out there getting a wax treatment is something we don’t look forward to when you’re covered up, yet you will build your confidence when you know how you look under those warm cloths. The expertly trained professionals at the Broadway Center Spa and Salon knows skin, and can make any part silky smooth.

5. Make it up with some new makeup…each and every one of you is unique, and makeup lets you express your uniqueness. Try something different like a new color or technique. Our makeup experts can help and show you how to recreate different effects in your own home. Its ok, just don’t overdo it. Your human after all. Go ahead and try something new.

Giving him something to notice again, your professionals at

the Broadway Centre Spa & Salon…


Downtown Bismarck