The leaves are changing color and the temperature is dropping. It’s that fall season and before you know it the holidays are here. To get a jump on your fall fitness the team at the Broadway Centre Spa and Salon put together some fall fitness tips. These tips will help you keep in shape so you’ll look great!

  1. Make Time for the Trail…with the different leave colors and brisk air it’s an amazing time to go for a walk or run at a one of the parks in Bismarck/Mandan. Along the river, the scenery is beautiful and it will keep your mind distracted while you workout.

  2. Rake it Out for a Workout…if you have a bunch of leaves on your yard this fall you can turn it into a great workout. A half hour of steady work can burn anywhere between 120-135 calories. Grab a rake and get to work.

  3. Rise Early…with the days getting shorter working out in the afternoon can be harder. Getting up early before your day starts allows you to get fit early so you can take it easy in the evening.

  4. Holiday Eating Habits…get a head start on the holidays this year by eating healthier today. By watching what you eat now, you’ll be in a better position to say “no thank you” when the candy dish comes around.

  5.  Time for Tea…a nice warm cup of tea is a great comfort drink to heat the body and soul. Certain teas also have antioxidants to help keep colds away. Tea time can be a fun comfort time for friends and family.

From the team that cares about your health this fall…

Broadway Centre Spa & Salon


Downtown Bismarck