What the Waitress Asked Me, Shocked Me!

My husband and I don’t go downtown in Bismarck to dine very often. Trying to find parking, weather, and I’m sorry, but it seems like its a place for the younger generation. But the food is sooo good! We try to go downtown to eat at least once every few months.

The last time was on a Thursday; I remember this because it also happened to be our anniversary! We’ve been married for 18 years. Of course, we headed downtown early to beat the crowds.

18 years seems like a long time to be married. And, I’ll be honest, it hasn’t always been perfect. It’s difficult to keep the spark alive and the more time that passes, the more difficult it was to keep interested in each other.

After a while, you kind of stop trying to impress each other. He would wear an old t-shirt on the weekends, and I would wear sweatpants. I know, super attractive, right?

To keep the spark alive, a few years ago, we decided to start getting into shape, that wasn’t roundish. My husband got a GYM membership close to his work, and I started doing yoga in the morning.

My husband worked out for a half hour over lunch and found getting into shape came easily to him. I on the other hand found it more difficult, but I did start to firm up.

Changing my eating habits helped, and my clothes started to fit better. I even went down a couple of sizes. But I had to work hard at it. Getting older is a bitch.

One problem that bugged me was my face. Even though my body was looking younger, toning up and overall more attractive, my face had begun to give away my age. I started Googling how to look younger. You wouldn’t believe how many “miracle cure”s are out there!

I knew something had to work. I see those celebrities that never seem to age, in fact, many seem to look younger each year. I wanted to know what their secrets were, that didn’t involve painful injections or surgery.

What I discovered was that facial skin has a cycle and is regenerated approximately every 27 days and proper skin care is essential to maintaining skin. An article in the Huffington Post gave me my light bulb floating above my head moment. I could train my skin to look more youthful. You see skin cells like routines and will respond well to that. I’m no scientist, but this was one of my first clues to looking younger from the neck up!

I also found out that the stars aren’t shopping retail for their skin care needs. Most products that are over-the-counter are to watered down to work. It’s some FDA thing to protect the public. I’ve been in the big box store and saw masques for under a dollar! I’ve even tried one that fizzed. Not sure what that’s about.

I concluded if I was going to look good, like a Jennifer Aniston from the neck up, I was going to have to stop wasting money on snake oil and invest in a pro that used proven techniques and products you can’t buy over the counter. You know, professional products. Skin pros are called Esthetician. They are found at many locations, but I chose to go with the ones at the Broadway Center Spa & Salon.

You see, what I discovered with all my Googling was that I would have to invest a little time and money each month to look good. Getting a professional facial and using professional products on a regular basis was the key to getting and keeping a youthful appearance. And, the sooner you start, the better. I booked a standing appointment with my Esthetician every four weeks, and she worked with my schedule. I look forward to my appointments, it’s like a mini-vacation once a month and has also helped relieve stress at home and work.

We had only been seated a minute when the waitress approached our table and asked for our drink order. My husband ordered a beer, and I ordered a glass of red wine. What happened next shocked me! The waitress asked to see my ID. What?? I didn’t even know if I had my ID with me, it’s been ten years since someone asked to see it.

I asked if she was serious, which she replied firmly “YES” and she said, “If you look under the age of 35, I have to see it.” I was shocked but in a good way. I did manage to find my ID buried deep in my purse. It was difficult to remove as it had grown attached to my wallet. I pried my ID out, presented it to the waitress, and she took a hard look, smiled and said: “Thank You.” I said, NO. Thank you, with a big smile on my face. She left to retrieve our drink orders, and I had a fabulous anniversary!

If you’re curious about the Facials I get, click here and read all about them. I recommend letting your Esthetician help you choose the facial that will work best for your skin’s needs and skin type. You should plan on going to your Esthetician for a facial once every four weeks, more or less depending on your skin. After a few visits, make sure you know where your ID is. You’re going to need it.