The definitive guide on Choosing a New Hair Salon

Whether you just moved to town or are looking to make a change for better ideas, services or more convenience, we wrote this guide to aid you in finding a salon that will better suit your needs.

Ask Your Friends

At work of over coffee, your friends will be a wealth of information. Ask who is their salon of choice. Ask about the stylist they see, what they like about them or what they don’t like. You never know, your friend may be shopping around for a new salon too and the both of you can explore together. Have a fun day and pick a salon that has nail services. Spend some time together with a mani-pedis day and make exploring salons a fun bonding experience.

Look Online

Every salon should have its own website. A salon’s website will give you a great idea of what services they provide. Look for companies that have invested in a professionally designed and maintained website. If they don’t care about their online storefront, what do you think is going on in the back of the salon?

Don’t forget to check the salon’s Facebook page. You can quickly see what others are saying about the salon in the reviews section. Of course, no one can please everyone but read between the lines on reviews. If most people are happy with the salon, you should feel good about giving them a try. Still not sure, you could friend a customer of the salon and ask them more questions.

The First Visit

Before you are in serious need of the next cut or color, visit your prospective salons. Don’t be shy, ask for a tour. Is the salon kept clean? Are stylists busy? Are the friendly? Do they offer any additional perks to make this your new go-to salon? Do they offer facials, massage, tanning or anything else that would make going to them save you time? Ask for a stylist recommendation, or even a free consultation. What other amenities/products are being provided that are new? Is there privacy when you’re getting work done if that is important to you?

When You’re Ready

Book your appointment with confidence that you made the best decision, but don’t feel afraid to ask your stylist if someone else at the salon would be a better fit for your hair type. A professional will not hesitate to refer you to someone else that will meet your needs better.

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