Men You're Important Too!

We have many male clients, so many that we have stylists that are for all account Men’s Specialists. They didn’t go to barber school, but with some sporting over 10,000 hours of working with men’s hair and skin, we think you’ll love them.

Sure, a guy can get a cut pretty much anywhere in town, but going to the Broadway is an experience that’s beneficial in ways you probably wouldn’t realize.

Having Men’s Specialists means we know what works and what doesn’t for men.

For example, men like a more private setting for the delicate work that isn’t very flattering to be seen mid-process. We designed our salon so that each of our stylist’s work areas has retractable curtains to give you privacy while working with your stylist.

For some men, this is very important as the services we offer can be a little embarrassing to run into a professional client or a potential date.

A few of the services that men request the curtain to closed include haircuts, colors, hair replacement, and hair removal.

That’s right, hair removal like in eyebrow shaping, ear waxing, and nose waxing. Ear and nose waxing is when we use a hard setting wax to remove all the pesky hair inside your ears and nose. Sounds scary, but it is virtually painless, and once you have it done, you will never go without it again.

Our Men’s cut with wash is a full-service experience that depending on your preferred hair length; you’ll enjoy every four to six weeks. It includes head massage, straight razor shave on the back of your neck, hot towel, and a sensory component. You’ll leave looking and feeling like a million bucks!

We also offer straight razor shaves for that genuinely indulgent experience.

Working with a Men’s specialist also lets us recommend better products for you. We have special brushes to aid in keeping your natural hair longer, can recommend better products for washing and nourishing your scalp, keeping your main under control, and even moisturizing your skin to keep it healthier and more youthful.

We know guys also want to stay trendy, and our specialists watch for the latest hairstyles and fashion trends that pertain to men. Some patterns might not be Bismarck, North Dakota ready, but at least you’ll have the option.

You probably wish your voice sounded like leather over warm butter, but you don’t want your skin to look like that. Many men in Bismarck are discovering the benefits of our HydraFacials. If your looks are important to you, you’ll want to check those out too.

Finally, the well-groomed man needs to be concerned about his nails. Yes all twenty of them. Manis and Pedies aren’t just for the gals. Regular nail care makes those handshakes more manly, and after a pedicure, you’ll feel like your walking on clouds. Some serious Gelling!

Throw in a massage, and you’ll be a new man, or the same man just feeling and looking your best.

So what are you waiting for Dude? Book your appointment today. Call us at 425-0990.

When you get here, we have a little paperwork for you to fill out, or you could do it online anytime. Click the button below.

January 24, 2019

Men You’re Important Too!

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