It’s very rare in North Dakota’s winter where you’re not bundled up to the gills with a heavy coat, and racing to get either into the car or your next spot. Does it even matter if we put much thought into our appearance? We feel it does. Everyone still wants to turn a head or two and be noticed, even though we might look like a overstuffed sleeping bag, there are still things that you can do to get noticed.

1. If you want to catch anyone’s eye you can do that with the color red. Every woman needs that red dress in their closet to make a statement. For that next party when everyone else is wearing those bleak winter colors stand out in RED.

2. Pick something to highlight and go with it. If you got great legs show them off with a cute skirt and a pair of tall boots. By complementing the best parts you have, it will draw the attention of those around you.

3. Create an accent with accessories. Whether it’s a scarf or a pair of earrings, fun accessories can create an allure that everyone will notice. The more unique the better, besides there’s only one you…so let’s highlight it.

4. Be sure to care for your hair. Men are visual creatures so when your hair has that healthy shine it’ll be noticed no matter how cold it is. By having a carefully selected shampoo and hair conditioner, you’ll notice when other people look. Winter might also lead you to believe that you don’t have to follow some warmer weather routine like shaving your legs. Don’t fall for that trap of letting yourself slide in the winter. It will affect your confidence, even if others don’t know, leaving you feeling less sexy inside. When you feel sexy, and your confidence is apparent, people do notice. Even in the winter.

5. Make it up…with some makeup. We’ve all done the “natural” look but we need to change that. Selecting a new daring makeup routine could get you out of the cold in more ways than one. First off we recommend using brighter colors that will highlight your eyes that will dare people to do a double take.

From your team at the Broadway Centre Spa & Salon
Downtown Bismarck