Become The “WOW” Woman With The Best Hair Extensions In North Dakota

The weather in Bismarck makes it really hard to have great-looking hair. During the summer, humidity makes curly hair look wild and frizzy. During the winter, frigid, below-freezing temperatures cause everyone to flatten their hair under hats. The Best Hair Extensions In North Dakota can let you have fabulous hair no matter what’s happening outside.

How many times have you heard someone say, “Wow, she’s got beautiful hair!”? Who wouldn’t want to be the person drawing all of the admiring comments? When someone has fine hair, the best hair products in the world can only do so much to add volume. Long hair will grow naturally if you’re willing to wait long enough—and who wants to do that? Having that gorgeous long hair tonight is a better plan. Whether someone wants longer hair, thicker hair, or an amazing new look, hair extensions can do it all.

What are the Differences Between Synthetic and Human Hair?

The first decision to make is whether to invest in natural, human hair or go with synthetic hair. To be honest, the only advantage to synthetic hair is that it costs less. Synthetic hair doesn’t blend well with natural hair, doesn’t tolerate heat, humidity, or cold well—which Bismarck has plenty of—and doesn’t last nearly as long as a good human hair extension.

Human hair is soft, feels silky, and is beautifully shiny. Synthetic hair looks and feels, well, synthetic.

High-quality human hair extensions can be:

  • Heated, for curling or straightening;
  • Colored, so that the extension matches exactly;
  • Styled for that perfect look;
  • Washed with a favorite shampoo;
  • Removed and reused later.

None of the above can be done with synthetic hair. It’s very hard to style.

How are Hair Extensions Attached?

There are many methods used to attach hair extensions. The attachment methods include:

  • Bonding;
  • Warm and cold fusion;
  • Braided or sewn in;
  • Heat sealed;
  • Clipped in.

The type of hair chosen will determine the best attachment method, as will the quality and price. Some attachment methods work better with some hair styles than with others.

Longer Hair instantly is waiting for you in North Dakota, at the Broadway Centre Spa & Salon where we carry a large variety of the best hair extensions. Don’t be shy. Go with that bold hair look you’ve been secretly craving. Become the woman that they all go “Wow” about at the Broadway Centre Spa & Salon in Downtown Bismarck, ND.