Aveda Products at the Broadway Centre Spa & Salon

Aveda is a well known and prestigious brand in the hair care and skincare industry. The Broadway Centre Spa & Salon is an Aveda Family Salon in Bismarck, North Dakota. Being an Aveda Family Salon means we carry Aveda products along with many other brands besides Aveda.

Our stylists and estheticians are trained and receive continuing education to keep up on new products techniques and trends and recommend the right product, whether it’s Aveda or a different brand, based on what your needs are.

Our years of experience have taught us that not every Aveda product is the best for everyone and that’s why we carry other brands like Phytodess, and DevaCurl, among many others.

Aveda is a brand that you can be proud of using every day. They raise money each year to support and protect clean water around the world. They are committed to using organic ingredients, and environmentally friendly methods of extracting said components. Aveda even teaches farmers how to convert to organic agriculture to source better ingredients.

Part of the Aveda mission and brand that is extremely close to our heart is their emphasis on the importance of continuing education. Our team utilizes the advanced training to provide you with better product knowledge and head-turning haircuts and skincare that will awaken your inner glow.

From shampoo to facials, Aveda products can help you achieve the healthiest and best looking you. And when you purchase and use Aveda products, you know that the results will be consistent, that means no surprises! Aveda’s strict quality control methods ensure an excellent product every time. Consistency is what you want from a product that you put in your hair or on your skin every day, and this is why we bring you Aveda.

Ask your stylist or esthetician what Aveda product they recommend for you.