2016 Fall Hair Trends

Every season represents a new beginning. Your new beginning is about going from hot summer mess to cool sophisticated style. Keep up with fashion, keep up with trending hair styles. Ditch that sloppy top knot ladies! Guys? Let’s stop with the man buns and comb-overs; it’s all so wrong!

The Broadway Centre Spa & Salon in downtown Bismarck knows it’s time for you to start thinking about your fall look. Like changing leaves, you too can be brilliant, colorful and awe-inspiring. Let’s look at the Fall Hair Trends for 2016! Our style professionals are ready and excited to help you find your signature fall style!

Harper’s Bazaar noted that at many fall runway shows, it was all about texture. Crazy curls? Don’t tame them, celebrate them! Dry the hair with a diffuser, twist mousse into the roots then shake, shake, shake! This was the technique used by Odile Gilbert, hairstylist for Zac Posen’s fall show. Is your hair magnificently straight? Let it flow! Show your strong side with a clean side part. Simple, yet dramatic, hairstylist James Pecis says “It sounds silly, but there’s a bit more strength in the side part. It makes a difference.”

OK, you can keep your knot. But instead of the messy top knot, favored by teen-aged girls in gym classes everywhere, let’s go for a more polished look. From loose loops to chic chignons, there’s a knot for every style and occasion. Looser knots are easily managed with a spritz of holding spray to keep things light and natural. Elegant chignons and intricate, Victorian twists look best when the hair leading to the knot is smoothed to perfection. Why stop at one knot? Part your hair down the middle and knot each side. How about a top and bottom knot? Be knotty and define your own style!

It may be cooling down, but your hair color should be warm and rich! Give your natural color a boost and follow nature’s cues: Creamy Blondes, Rose Copper and luxurious Chocolate Browns. Are you a devotee of the dark side? Raven Black is your color. A trend from last year that’s still going strong is Bronde. Let’s do the math: Brown + Blonde = Bronde. Think deep brown, caramel highlights and a look that keeps you holding on to summer just a little longer!

Gentlemen, we haven’t forgotten about you! In addition to man-buns and comb-overs, we would also like you to give up the backwards baseball cap, mullets and soul patches. Seriously. You must. The trend for men is not really a trend at all. It is, simply, good grooming– a look that is always in style. To paraphrase ZZ Top, every girl’s crazy about a well-groomed man! Take advantage of the fact that your “beauty” routine is a lot less complicated. You have hair and skin that require professional attention! Being well-groomed can be the difference between getting the job, the promotion or the date…or not.

Don’t fall flat this autumn! Let Broadway Centre Spa & Salon help you find and define your signature fall style!