In the Bismarck Tribunes 2016 “Readers Choice, Best of the Best ” contest, the Broadway Centre Spa and Salon competed in multiple categories. We were going for:  best spa, best salon, best massage, best full-service nails, best tanning, and best beautician/barber. We are happy to announce that we brought home three awards and two honorable mentions.

We work hard to be the best spa and salon in Bismarck, and we might possibly be the most advanced spa and salon in all of North Dakota! What we believe makes us the most advanced isn’t the equipment, although with do have the best equipment, it is the people and training. It is the people behind the Salon and Spa that is the most important. We could have built a facility twice as large, and filled it with average people, but that wouldn’t have helped our clients.

Working at the Broadway Centre Spa and Salon is a commitment, not a job. First and foremost, everyone at the Spa and Salon is required to always be learning. Learning about new products, techniques, and styles. This “always be learning” theme allows our team to bring Bismarck only the best services. More often than not, this means traveling to locations across the globe. In 2016 alone, we have Stylists and Skin Specialists travel to Paris, New York, Florida, Las Vegas, Montana and other training locations to mention a few!

We are in an industry that constantly changes. Changes with the seasons, and changes with styles. Even our clients are going through changes all the time. When you bring your hair and body care needs to one of our highly talented team members, know you are working with the best in the industry! Also, know that our clients are very important to us, and your support in helping us win awards is greatly appreciated. Thank you all that voted!