Sorry to say ladies but summer is coming to an end. The kids are back in school, football is gearing up and Labor Day is upon us. Labor Day is considered a day to relax for the American workforce. In the realm of fashion it marks a time when new trends are on the runway.

Below are some Labor Day Fashion Trends for the approaching fall and winter.

  • Great In Grey – Designers are embracing this color with all grey suits on the runway. This is the new look that’s taking fall fashion by storm.

  • Give ’em the Boot – Big black boots are stomping the stage for the coming winter. Black is the safest color that will match with almost any outfit. Designers love the tough look that’s matched some feminine flair.

  • Let’s Get High – Not the kind of high you’re thinking of. For a slimmer look, the waist is climbing higher past the belly button. This creates a sexy silhouette that’ll makes those legs look extra-long.

  • Back in Plaid – On the runways plaid is making its way back. This classic fabric is making eyes pop with the color red. During the colder season, lean towards darker colors. When the temperature drops this year, turn up the heat with some red plaid.

  • Let’s Get High (Again) – That joke never gets old, but what does get old is freezing your legs off. Designers are making boots that get high and almost look like leather pants. If you have a lot of leg to show this winter you can keep them warm with an extra high boot.

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