The Best Massages in Bismarck

Get the massage of your life in Bismarck's most advanced Spa.

You will receive personalized pressure for every massage. It's all up to you.

Price List
Broadway Massage50 minutes$70
Ultimate Broadway80 minutes$105
Couples Massage50 minutes$150
Couples Massage80 minutes$220
Cupping Massage80 minutes$135
Ultimate Foot50 minutes$65
Hot Stone Massage50 minutes$85
Add Hot Stones$15
Add Chakra Balancing$15
Add Steam Shower$15

The Cupping Massage

Sounds kind of strange, doesn’t it? But cupping massages offer a host of benefits. Cupping is an ancient form of alternative medicine that is showing promising benefits when used with massage. Celebrities are raving about the benefits, and our clients are also saying they are believers. How does it work? Think of it as an inverse massage, combined with a typical massage. Everyone knows that pressure on the muscles relieves pain, increases blood flow, provides relaxation and overall well-being. The suction created by the cupping pulls on the muscle and tissue promoting blood flow, supplying oxygen and nutrients to cells, softens tight muscles, and loosens knots. It’s also reported to help move fluids in tissues to the lymphatic nodes. When combined with traditional massage, cupping creates a multi-directional approach to regain and maintain muscle health. We offer both fixed and moving cupping massage.